Cosine's Sales Strategy


Kirstin Knight, Cosine Managing Director.

Our sales strategy… and what makes us different

The last couple of years has been challenging. The economic landscape has made pretty grim reading and viewing. And the bad news just keeps on coming with forecasts not showing any improvement.

This is a time when many businesses are cutting back and looking to reduce their overall spend. We are seeing this all over the place. However, this is something Cosine can help with. Our core business is driving sales in the right channel and through the right service to maximise business return.

Our team are experts in sales. We get sales, and we understand the UK consumer market. Looking back over the last 50 years, the UK has proved resilient during economic difficulties, largely due to our ability to adapt and evolve. And that’s precisely what Cosine has been doing in the last few years.

Pioneering a new sales approach

When Covid hit, we took some brave decisions. We decided to invest heavily and look to the future. We recognised that once the pandemic ended, we would need to be in the best possible position to support our clients in the future.

That is why we have developed Cosine Connected. It’s an automated solution which utilises both physical and digital tools that can be leveraged to optimise spend. It offers a flexible solution utilising all our human, virtual or digital tools to address client and market needs.

Cosine Connected is powered by all of our insights past and present, a huge amount of EPOS and sales data and even more data from multiple sources and solutions. And it’s all built and underpinned with an AI data platform. This helps us to create the right outcome based on your business needs.

What makes us different

However, we can’t forget what makes Cosine different from other field sales agencies… our people!  

Cosine has always been known for our excellent sales teams. Our teams have a great reputation for their laser focus on sales growth. That has never changed. I am delighted that our people retention rates remain very high, and we have continued to deliver brilliant results to our clients.

A key reason is our culture. Based on independence and passion, it is the Cosine culture that drives our teams to deliver on sales goals.

Responding to budget pressures

Underpinning all of this is our ability to respond to cost pressures. The larger field sales agencies often offer sales solutions that are cost-prohibitive for smaller and emerging brands. The alternative for them is to utilise crowdsourcing solutions. However, there can be issues with the consistency and quality provided.

Here at Cosine, we have multiple commercial models available to you. This enables us to adapt to different budgets, specifically focusing on variable commercials versus fixed costs.   

Cosine Capture is one tool that will help, especially if you are a smaller and/or emerging brand needing field sales coverage. The tool reduces the overall cost to serve while delivering additional sales for you, using our winning team of sales experts.

Brands that have utilised our outsourced sales teams during the COVID-19 crisis have seen savings of circa 23pc through flexible commercial models through blended physical, digital and verbal sales channels. Our Cosine Capture tool makes it a cost-effective option.

Let’s chat

As you can see, a lot is happening here at Cosine! If you are interested in finding out more, please get in touch.



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