Combining human and digital

We use just the right blend of human and digital outputs to drive results anytime, anywhere. Our joined-up approach utilises data analytics, digital strategies and field sales. The result? We deliver more, for you.


Cosine Connected

The Cosine Connected approach delivers a tailored blend of human and digital solutions that disrupt your customers more effectively. It’s an insight-led strategy joining the combined forces of human interaction and digital intelligence. It makes the best use of our powerful toolkit using the optimal components of human touch and digital impact to open up sales conversations that go the distance.


The human touch

People buy from people. It’s that personal touch that enables a true relationship and trust to develop. 

Field Sales

Whether you need a short-term solution or a dedicated sales resource, B2B specialists or B2C people, our brilliant sales teams are ready to deliver. 


Nothing beats real-life interaction with your brand. When you really want to make an impact, our experiential team will deliver a hands-on experience. 

Contact centre

When you need a friendly and approachable voice on the end of the phone, our contact centre team is on hand to answer those essential calls. 


The digital impact

You need to connect with your audience in the right place and at the right time. Our digital strategies follow the customer along every step of their journey, hitting every touchpoint.

B2B engagement app

Looking to create a meaningful connection between your brand and your customers, or gain distribution in hard-to-reach channels? The Shopt app delivers. Anytime. Anywhere.  

B2C brand engagement app

Want to give your shoppers access to rewards, prizes and great deals? This brilliant app offers just that - a Scan & Save solution to create the pull-through to shopper sales. 

Digital Sampling 

Looking to boost brand awareness, sample specific audiences and amplify your marketing? Trybl seamlessly connects your brand and your products to your target customers. 

Digital merchandising

If you want total flexibility, here it is. Our digital self-serve solution allows clients to book their own merchandising campaigns, delivered by our ‘integrated flex-grocery’ team. 


How we innovate

Innovation is at the heart of everything we do. Our pioneering approach to sales is what sets us apart, and what delivers outstanding results for our clients. Cosine follows five key principles to ensure we keep coming up with those creative out-of-the-box ideas that make the difference between meeting targets and smashing them. 


a force for good

always think about the larger impact



bring unstoppable energy and drive



place people at the heart of it all


customer influencers

build relationships with the brand



forge new paths to success

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The strategy behind the success

It’s our joined-up and connected approach that delivers the results we’re known for.  We think of ourselves as agent provocateurs, doing things differently, challenging the status quo, and delivering more as a result. By bringing together data insights, the latest digital tech and the most experienced people, we help you hit your targets every time. Cosine’s approach delivers a unified experience with your brand that extends your impact while deepening your market influence. 

Killer insight

At Cosine, we use our data differently. We connect customer data to customer behaviour, giving you a unique view of your customer base. 

Trusted delivery

With the right management controls, risk and reward and commission-based modelling, we always deliver a return on investment. 

Brilliant people

Our people are our focus, with culture at the heart of what we do. We help them grow professionally and personally, and are recognised for this with IIP accreditation. 

Our experience extends across industries

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