Giving you meaningful insight

We take a deep dive into customer behaviour, campaign performance, category data and web data to find insights that tell a story and shape our strategies.


Data science & advanced analytics

Our insight-led approach helps brands capture true marketing ROI, drive sales, and better understand their customers. Our goal is to decode customer behaviour.

Want to predict the future?

Deployment modelling

Want to take the guesswork out of decision-making? Our predictive modelling helps us build a customised strategy that delivers from the very start.

EPOS alerts and predictions

When you’re trying to predict inventory, sales and pricing, we’re here to help. Our data team deliver smart insights that let you capitalise on success.


Need to measure your profitability?

ROI modelling

If you need to justify spend, our ROI modelling provides the solid measurement and reassurance you need to confirm improved business performance.

Want to implement territory planning?

Coverage strategies

When you need to measure sales potential and focus sales efforts, our creative coverage strategies will deliver the robust framework you need.

Want access to high-quality data?

Proprietary data lake

If you need data, you’re in the right place. Our exclusive data lake holds a vast amount of raw data, ready to be analysed into actionable information, just for you.


What we did

Post-Covid, consumer shopping habits have changed. Coupled with a challenging financial climate, our sales teams here at Cosine needed revised insight as they worked to increase sales conversion within a financial services account.

Our in-house insights team built a toolkit to help our field team better understand their territory and target merchants. With the trend of customers staying closer to home, we built a residential targeting model pulling in data on demographics, client customer data, population density and footfall. The model highlighted areas within an agent’s territory that were high opportunity for customers and businesses in a more residential setting. It had a mapping functionality within the data capture, visually bringing the opportunity to life.


What we achieved

All of this helped the sales team to identify new opportunities and better plan their approach. By further building in demographics, purchase habits, and business data, this predictive model helped agents forecast the return for merchants who signed up, thereby improving both the sales story and sales results. And, of course, as our team brings on new accounts, customer data continues to enrich our insight.


The results

Thanks to predictive modelling, sales conversions have risen by 10%. The sales team are now feeling well-equipped for planning, efficiency and effectiveness. And we all love a happy sales team!


POS needs to become more sophisticated to match increasingly sophisticated customers. Addressing the unique emotional needs of each customer group has given us a significant sales boost.”

Caroline Cook
Lead Insight Manager


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