Welcome to Cosine

Welcome to the world of Cosine. You’ll find we’re a little different from the average agency. We move fast, we think positive, and we work smart. We challenge the status quo and take you where you need to go.


What’s different about us?

We’re more than just an agency. We’re a family of brilliant people, a home of creative thinking, and a place where savvy strategies are conceived and implemented. We’re not afraid to push boundaries to get results. And we’re genuinely excited about data, brands, events, marketing and everything involved in the sales process.

We don’t believe in hierarchy

Our flat structure makes us agile and effective. Without hierarchy, formalities and red tape to hold us back, we can make quick decisions and move faster. We build solutions bespoke to you and will constantly review and evolve to keep your sales ahead of the curve.

We’re a force for good

We’re passionate about doing the right thing. We not only care about the results we deliver to our clients, but we care about our people and the environment they operate within.

We’re optimists

In a negative world, we’re the optimists. We have the vision to look beyond the obvious, pass over the mundane, and bring our positive, innovative attitude to the table.

We’re inclusive

Everyone at Cosine is an individual who is deeply cared about. We’re all working together toward a common goal. Everyone’s opinion is considered, everyone is heard, and everyone matters.

We get it

We understand sales, and we’re genuinely excited about what we do. Our talented team pulls together to deliver strategies that make noise and deliver amazing results. 


What to expect when you work with us

When you work with Cosine, you become part of our team. We bring everyone together to work as one unit, all orientated towards one goal. We throw heart and soul into every client relationship, giving you a driven team that consistently delivers. We sparkle, and we challenge the status quo every step of the way, giving you a fresh outlook that breaks boundaries.


True teamwork

We are all working towards a single purpose – your sales success. Our integrated approach brings together our diverse, multi-generational workforce for a truly innovative outlook.


Passionate people

Our employee loyalty and commitment are through the roof, with long service as the norm. We take care of our people, and the last few years have demonstrated this. We look after our team.


Fearless attitude

We’re never afraid to push boundaries and take risks. We are outspoken and brave, always prepared to challenge and innovate in our quest to exceed expectations.


Who we are

Cosine has been delivering exceptional sales and innovation since 2005, offering nationwide coverage across the UK and Ireland. As part of the global Omnicom Group, our reach extends worldwide. Our client list covers the worlds of retail, finance, fashion, leisure, media, logistics and business, and we pride ourselves on the strength of our relationships.

The Cosine Group

This is how it all comes together… Four distinct, brilliant brands, working collectively as the Cosine Group.

Our ownership

Cosine is owned by Omnicom, an inter-connected global network of leading marketing communications companies. This means we gain all the benefits of an integrated agency, along with investment for innovation. As a client, you get the best of both worlds – the personal touch of an independent, agile agency and the influence of a global group.

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Our Clients

Cosine works with a diverse collection of clients of all different shapes and sizes. We aim to forge positive working relationships that grow and develop over time. We find cross channel synergy and share best practise to harness our breadth of experience to your benefit.


The strategy behind the success

You’ll feel Cosine’s influence everywhere you go. From the high street to offices to festivals and events, or even online, we’re making our mark. 

The Cosine team is out there, busy elevating brands, making noise and shaping new pathways to sales success. Our expertise, our knowledge and our passion can be felt in everything we do. 


  • Grocery
  • Convenience
  • High Street
  • DIY
  • Pharmacy
  • Discounters


  • Pubs
  • Gyms
  • Cinema
  • Festivals
  • Events
  • Food services


  • SME’s
  • Wholesale
  • Offices
  • Door to door
  • Automotive
  • Technology
  • Financial services

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