Setting your brand apart

Our insight-led approach means that we really understand your brand, and we know exactly how you need to be positioned for maximum impact.


Presence & Impact

Consumers are exposed to millions of sales and marketing messages daily. We have mastered the art of cutting through the noise.

Want to stand out from the crowd?


Our merchandising strategies, both in-store and online, follow every step of the customer journey. And we constantly transform the way we present products as technology evolves.

Secondary displays

When you’re trying to maximise visibility, secondary displays are an effective and
measurable way to drive incremental sales and impulse purchases.

Want to increase spend-per-visit?

Point of sale

Looking for an effective way of upselling? Our dynamic point of sale campaigns create optimal visibility so that customers see and pick up your products, time and time again.

Want to connect with the local market?

Local marketing

Sometimes it’s good to think small. Our local marketing strategies create a big
impact. By implementing personalisation, we can build a brand community at a local

Want to shake things up?

Disruptor marketing

It’s time to take your brand beyond the ordinary. Cosine’s unique approach changes the game and sets an exciting new agenda.


What we did

We’re passionate about shopper engagement. And we hit every touchpoint, whether it’s the moment of truth at point of purchase or cutting through the noise of a busy shopping mall. Working with Brown Forman since 2019, our Flex merchandising and auditing team have achieved successful promotional stand-out for spirit and wine brands.


What we achieved

The team’s activity is informed by Cosine’s great insight. Overlaying sales data with compliant/non-compliant stores makes for specific targeting to increase compliance and sales. Thanks to this great ongoing relationship, Cosine were able to support Brown Forman and Asda in efficient and effective merchandising of a Father’s Day promotion featuring Jack Daniels and Coca Cola.


The results

Even amidst the challenges of 2021, the Flex merchandising and auditing team provided 95% UK coverage, visited 5787 stores, merchandised 19,439 cases of product and increased promotional compliance by 4% vs 2020.


POS needs to become more sophisticated to match increasingly sophisticated customers. Addressing the unique emotional needs of each customer group has given us a significant sales boost.”

Caroline Cook
Lead Insight Manager


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