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Welcome to our world. You’ll find we’re an insight-led sales agency with a difference. Our connected approach brings together data, insight, sales expertise and creative thinking all under one roof. The result? Savvy sales strategies that deliver for our clients every time.


Latest opportunities

Take a look at the latest opportunities at Cosine. And, even if you can’t see any roles that seem the perfect fit right now, we’d still love to hear from you. You can register with us here and set up alerts to receive email notifications on the latest vacancies that match what you’re looking for. Think you’d fit in? Then get in touch.


Got a question?

Take a quick look through these handy FAQs. They’re some of the most common things we get asked by people planning to apply to Cosine.

Do I need previous field sales experience to join you in a permanent field role?

At Cosine, success out in the field is all about your attitude. If you’re up for a challenge, hungry to deliver great results and ready to take the next step in your career, then we can train you on all the rest.

That said, if you have any customer-facing, retail or sales experience, that would be a plus. We also welcome applications from graduates who are keen to learn and make an impact quickly.

I’m not sure whether to apply for a permanent field role or a temporary/tactical field role. What’s the main difference?

If you join us in a permanent field role, you’ll be working for a retained client on a long-term basis. We’ll expect you to become a true ambassador for the brand, and to build lasting relationships with your brand’s customers. In many ways, you’ll be as much a part of the client as you are a part of Cosine.

Our temporary and tactical field roles are about delivering short-term projects. You’ll still be immersed in a specific brand and responsible for building strong relationships, but it will be within a set timeframe. That could be a couple of weeks, several months and anything in between.

I’m interested in a field-based role, but I also enjoy being part of a team. Should I apply?

Absolutely. We’re a very collaborative business, so even though you’ll be responsible for your own territory, you’ll always have a strong team behind you.

What key skills will you be looking for in an application for a field-based role?

There are certain core qualities that we look for in everyone here – you should be enthusiastic, encouraging and empathetic.

The exact qualities we’ll want to see in this area vary from role to role, but we’ll certainly want to see a passion for sales and the drive and determination to take ownership of your territory. You’ll be excited about working with an iconic brand, full of ideas about how we can help to take them forward and able to build relationships with others easily. Finally, because these are field-based roles, a full UK driving licence is a must.

What do you want to see in a CV?

The simpler the better from our point of view. Use a clean design and a simple, easy-to-read font. We want to be able to get to the information that shows how you’d be a good fit for a role quickly. That doesn’t mean it can’t showcase who you are though. Try to make the way you write concise but also engaging. Think manageable sections and clear headers.

In terms of skills, there are certain core qualities that we look for in everyone here: you should be a great communicator, enthusiastic, encouraging and empathetic. We’ll certainly want to see a passion for sales too along with the drive and determination to take ownership of your own territory. Because these are field-based roles, a full UK driving licence is a must.

Are there any big CV pitfalls to look out for?

Make sure your CV is professional. Comedy email addresses are definitely not the way to impress! Use warm language but be wary of making it too informal or chatty. We’ll also want to see attention to detail and accuracy, so check for errors and, if you can, get someone else to proofread it for you. Finally, try not to go over two pages – adjust the margins if you need to and use less content for less recent roles.

What’s the best way to prepare for an interview?

We’d recommend thinking about the questions you’re likely to be asked so you can start planning some answers. What key skills are being sought, and how have you demonstrated them in other roles? Make sure you research our organisation and go beyond just this careers site (although this is a great starting point).

We’d also recommend reading as much as you can about our organisation and, even more importantly, you should get yourself up to speed with the client you’d be representing. We’ll want to see that you have a real interest in and passion for their brand and what they do – after all, you’ll be the face of that brand if you go on to be successful with us. Think about your strengths and what you’ve done (or could do) to address any weaknesses. Have a couple of questions for us prepared too.

Finally, plan your route well in advance and allow more time than you think you’ll need. You don’t want to feel rushed or stressed.

What should I wear for an interview?

We represent prestigious clients, and we’ll want to see that you can too. So, make sure you look smart and professional. We think it’s always better to err on the side of formal, and it’s a good idea to pick out your outfit in advance. Think about your accessories as well – make sure they’re appropriate for an interview. With jewellery, less is more and with footwear, go for smart but also comfortable. Finally, don’t forget to smile and make eye contact.

What will you be expecting on the day?

You should get yourself up to speed with the role and if applicable, the client you’d be representing. We’ll want to see that you have a real interest in, and passion for, their brand and what they do. We’ll expect you to understand the role and our company too. Make sure you bring any documentation we’ve requested with you, and it’s a good idea to bring a copy of your CV.

We’ll also expect you to have some questions for us. It will help to show how much you’re interested in joining us. And if you stumble over a question, don’t worry – it can happen to anyone. The important thing is to keep your composure. It’s absolutely fine to ask for a bit of time to think about your answer if you need to.

How should I approach my interview answers?

We’d recommend structuring your answers by giving some context, explaining what you did and highlighting the outcomes. One way to do this is to use the STAR method – explain the situation, outline the task (or goal), cover what action you took (especially as an individual), and describe the result. What did you achieve? What could you do better next time? 


Working at Cosine

The scale and scope of our business means there’s a very good chance we’ll have a role to suit you. It could be that you enjoy coming up with new solutions over the phone. Perhaps you’d prefer to get out there and meet people face-to-face. You might choose to fit working with us around your other commitments. Or you could be looking to build on your skills in an area like Reporting or Marketing. One thing is certain: wherever you join us, your work will matter.


Permanent field roles

This is your opportunity to be the face of an iconic brand and help it achieve even bigger things. How? By using your flair for sales to get it in front of even more customers. These roles involve boosting a brand’s visibility, increasing its availability, taking it into new environments and often all three.

Your focus could be on getting the most out of your relationships with retailers, or you might be involved in consumer-facing demonstrations and events. Either way, you can expect huge scope to share your ideas, hone your skills, and build a brilliant career by making your mark on our client as well as on Cosine.

Temporary and tactical field roles

How would you like to take on a rewarding role that fits around your other commitments? Whether it’s for just a couple of weeks, several months or anything in between, these roles involve supporting one of our prestigious clients on a specific project or tackling an ad hoc brief. It could be that a client is aiming to boost sales for a particular brand, for example. Or they might be launching a new promotion. Whatever the need, you’ll immerse yourself in the brand to get the best results for their sales and achieve great things for your career.

These roles are perfect for people who want to fit in work around other commitments, especially because you can pick and choose your projects, and there’s often a good degree of flexibility built into them. If you join us in a permanent field role, on the other hand, you’ll be working for a retained client on a long-term basis. You’ll become a true ambassador for the brand, building lasting relationships with your brand’s customers.

Office roles

Like every successful organisation, we have a host of people who help keep our business running smoothly and heading in the right direction. What makes our Office roles so different though is the extent of their impact. Whether you join us in Finance, Operations, Reporting or HR, you’ll be supporting the people who are helping to grow some of the world’s biggest brands. Not only that, but our collaborative culture means you’ll always be encouraged to bring us fresh ideas and suggest new ways of doing things. These are opportunities that can take you places.


An inclusive culture

We have a wonderfully diverse team at Cosine, and we believe our differences make us stronger. That’s why we have created a fully inclusive environment, accepting of every individual’s differences and enabling everyone to achieve their full potential. And as a result, our business reaches its fullest potential delivering for our clients time and time again.

Some of the great brands we work with:


The Cosine culture

Here at Cosine, our people are our pride and joy. Our open and honest culture extends not only to our clients but it’s also the essence of our team spirit. Quite simply, we put people first. Our highly engaged people are our strength and our advantage. They are central to our success and fully recognised for their amazing contributions.

We’re passionate about
what we do

You can’t fake drive and commitment. The people at Cosine don’t need to. We are genuinely passionate about our work, about delivering outstanding results, and about making a difference in the world around us.

We love working as a team

There’s nothing we love more than putting our heads together to come up with a new solution. Cosine people are committed to teamwork and collaboration, working together to get results that just couldn’t be achieved individually.


We’re always looking for

Cosine people are an inquisitive lot. We never stop considering new possibilities, learning new skills, and exploring new insights. It’s that insatiable curiosity that drives our innovations and pushes us to new heights of success.


Our DNA brings it all together...



Be true to yourself. Be honest. Be trustworthy.



Enjoy what you do. Be passionate. Be committed. Have fun.

Challenge it,
Change it


Don’t settle. Push boundaries. Push yourself. If it's not right, say something.

Always get


Never stand still. Constantly develop yourself and the work you do.

Get there


Know where you’re going. Work together to achieve. Be brilliant as a team.



Be accountable. Be proactive. Take action. Treat it like it’s your own.


Meet some of the team

Our people do fantastic work, and we are committed to making sure they have a great experience, every single day.

Cosine people are passionate about their work, and they love what they do. Our employee loyalty and commitment levels are pretty exceptional. You only have to look at the number of people who have put in long service to see what we’re talking about. Once you join us, you’ll never want to leave!


Cosine is a forward-thinking business, that continually thinks of innovative ways to stay current in an every changing market.

I love that Cosine always tries to promote within, and was lucky enough to be promoted within 6 months of starting here.

Our culture is fun and inclusive, with a real family feel which makes everyday coming to work a pleasure.

Harriette Braginton
Lead Recruiter


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