Delivering on your investment

We always ensure you get precisely what you've paid for. And we quickly identify the issues that are compromising compliance and work tirelessly to rectify them.


Compliance & measurement

We know that execution is king and that it can often fall short of expectation. Our experienced teams know how to navigate the retail environment. They know precisely what level of monitoring is needed to give you a complete picture of consumer and customer behaviour. Skilled in the education and auditing of any legal compliances, we’ll make sure you get the most out of your investment.

Want more from your promotions?

Promotional compliance

We’ll ensure your promotions are live, stocked, and visible and have the POS activated to create maximum return. And if there are opportunities to increase your brand presence, we’ll take them.

Want to measure your effectiveness?

Auditing and mystery shopping

Looking to evaluate your sales and customer service teams? Our mystery shopping and audit services provide complete transparency.


Surveys and data gathering

Rely on us to gather the sales intelligence you need - whether face-to-face, telephone, online, video or social, we can synthesise the learnings in real-time.

Want to maximise brand exposure?

Availability and distribution compliance

We use our analytics and experience to maximise the impact of your brand by ensuring optimal compliance with your agreed availability and distribution agreements.

Secondary displays

Looking to realise the full benefits of off-shelf displays? Our team work to optimise the compliance and increase their position and visibility in-store.

Want to audit legal compliance?

Are your outlets and distribution channels complying with legislation?

We ensure that execution is in line with legal requirements, and educate your customers on the need for it.


What we did

Strong activation and thorough implementation were at the heart of this Grocery project. Groupe SEB’s strategy to increase sales and ROI via promotional compliance was clear. Now it was time to put expert feet on the ground and make it happen in-store.


What we achieved

The agility and flexibility of Cosine’s resourcing meant 150 field sales agents - trained and skilled - were able to complete monthly retailer visits. They managed the entire process end-to-end. They ensured stock was on shelves, promotions were compliant, any stock issues were fixed, and point-of-sale was precisely where it should be. And, of course, they were well-placed to take advantage of any incremental display opportunities.


The Results

Measuring and monitoring were key, and the results speak for themselves…

  • £1M incremental sales uplift achieved
  • A 5:1 ROI vs 3:1 target delivered
  • 10,000 annual visits made
  • 60,000 units merchandised
  • 18% increase in product availability in just nine months

POS needs to become more sophisticated to match increasingly sophisticated customers. Addressing the unique emotional needs of each customer group has given us a significant sales boost.”

Caroline Cook
Lead Insight Manager


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