How data is pivotal in running a successful sales team

In a recent review from Harvard Business, they called out that 40% of sales reps interviewed said prospecting is the hardest task of the job.

Couple that with a climate where every penny counts and every business is looking for the biggest bang for their buck, ensuring a data-led approach is vital in facilitating success and returning maximum performance for your business, team, and clients.  

So, you have a team of talented sales agents, who’s ability to close the deal is world-class, however, you have an obstacle in your way…. A massive prospect base, or unknown landscape and a challenging sales target to deliver.  How do you respond? Very simply you use powerful data and insight to help you shape your pathway to success.

At Cosine, our sales teams visit over 250,000 potential customers annually, it is critical we target prospects with the highest propensity to buy. This keeps productivity and conversion at optimum levels at all times. 

How does our model work?

By using our proprietary database and overlaying with external data such as footfall, customer shopping habits and consumer demographics, coupled with strong industry knowledge and seasonal influence, our data capture system learns from every interaction. This valuable data allows our insights team to pinpoint with laser-sharp accuracy the highest likelihood opportunities for our team to visit and engage with. 

This data is easily accessed by the field through their territory management platform and can be constantly checked to drive the rep to the highest area of opportunity. It even pin-points all prospects on a map and alerts any pipeline opportunity that is outstanding for a follow-up.

A busy sales team are a happy team, bouncing from one success to the next and providing our team with cutting-edge data support ensures they remain happy and engaged and can reach their true potential.  We empower our sales teams to “do their thing” but with data and insight firmly at the heart of what we do, our model allows us to turn great salespeople into record-breaking salespeople. 

For customers who aren’t ready to sign on the dotted line today or have an extended sale cycle, our pipeline management system enables our sales team to fully track and manage leads throughout the entire customer sales journey and ensures that prospects are kept fully engaged until the point of sale.  


Case study - TNT Sports (formally known as BT Sport)

In a content-driven marketplace such as televised sport, demand not only fluctuates seasonally, but success is highly predicated on fixtures, localised demand, and team performance throughout the season.  Teams enter and drop from competitions, which instantly alters demand and our team operates in a world where 2 days are never the same.  Our comprehensive CRM system allows our sales team to capture key attributes, and immediately target and re-engage prospects when the landscape changes. 

Our on-trade sales team have recently completed their 9th year of operations and delivered consistent year-on-year growth in an ever-diminishing and challenging marketplace.  As we head into our 10th operational year, we are already enjoying our highest rate of sale in 10 years delivering a sales per day rate 147% vs. our target.  It was our data and insight that enabled this exceptional delivery and fantastic return on investment for our client. 

Our long-established pipeline management system is proven to deliver 97%+ accuracy in forward planning and forecasting and ensures our team never miss a genuine sales opportunity. 


How do we ensure success?

At Cosine we have developed a team of highly capable salespeople who are passionate product experts, it is however the power of our data and insight that ensures we put our people in front of real opportunities and our ability to interpret data quickly and turn this into actionable insight which truly stands us apart from our competitors. 

So whichever marketplace you operate within, whatever your product or service may be, making data and insight truly work for you will ensure success long into the future.  

Cosine is leading a sales agency, experts in exceeding sales targets for our clients. If you would like to discuss how to improve your sales numbers through outsourcing, please contact us.


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