TNT Sports

The focus: sales and retention


What we did

Our 10-year ongoing partnership with TNT Sports (formally known as BT Sport) began in 2012 when a specialised Cosine sales team was first created. The objective? To sell TNT Sports into commercial venues. And, since Cosine is a sales-first agency, we were up for the challenge. Finding new customers, selling and cross-selling to each of them and retaining them for longer is what we do. Time and time again.


What we achieved

Our sales team work hard and smart, creating a powerful network within the channel. Smart data from our analytics team – factoring in sporting calendars, tournament outcomes for example – helps target and prioritise the pipeline for maximum sales conversion. Couple that with our passion, strong product knowledge and customer relationship skills - it’s a win-win partnership for the long term.


The results

Ten years on, we’ve delivered record breaking sales year on year for TNT Sports. In total, that’s over 20,000 new customers.


We’ve got the best possible team. It’s a well-oiled machine, and you can quote me on that!”

Alasdair Collis

Director of Propositions & Trading for Connectivity and Commercial Sport


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