How we find the right candidates when recruiting for a bespoke client.

How we find the right candidates when recruiting for a bespoke client.

Recruitment isn't just about finding candidates; it's about finding the right candidates for the job. In the fast-paced world of recruitment, where talent acquisition is often met with challenges and tight deadlines, our team faced an exhilarating challenge in 2022 when we partnered with Camelot, the renowned operator of the UK National Lottery.

Our mission: To hire over 150 mystery shoppers in just three months, each fitting a highly specific age and appearance profile.

The Client and Objectives

Camelot's objectives were clear:

  1. Hire over 150 mystery shoppers within three months.
  2. Ensure that these shoppers meet strict legal age and appearance requirements.
  3. Execute 11,600 mystery shops across the UK.

Navigating the Challenges

While our commitment to diversity and inclusion remained unwavering, the unique hiring criteria presented a multifaceted challenge. Candidates had to:

  • Be over 18 to avoid legal issues related to lottery product purchases.
  • Appear to be under 18 to prompt store staff to request identification.
  • Adapt to recent changes in gambling laws, which raised the legal age from 16 to 18.

In addition to these legal complexities, the screening process was exceptionally strict, which made close collaboration with the Camelot team essential, so that they could review and evaluate potential candidates.

The core aim of this campaign was to demonstrate that store staff diligently adhered to UK laws by challenging and refusing sales of National Lottery products to our youthful team of mystery shoppers.

The Legal Context

In accordance with UK legislation, those under 18 are prohibited from purchasing lottery tickets and scratch cards. This legal restriction aims to safeguard young people from the potential harm associated with gambling. Any sale to an underage individual would be considered a 'fail' by The Gambling Commission- the UK government agency responsible for regulating gambling and gaming laws. Stores with three or more fails would risk losing their license – a significant driver of footfall. Thus, finding candidates who convincingly appeared under 18 was essential to prompt ID checks and maintaining store licenses.

Our Strategic Approach

We formulated a meticulously targeted recruitment strategy that included:

  • Targeting colleges and universities in local areas.
  • Launching a precise social media campaign.
  • Posting job listings on various job sites and our CPM website.
  • Offering incentivized opportunities.

Our collaboration extended to staff at colleges and universities, where we provided digital and physical assets for distribution among students.

Tailored job advertisements were shared via intranets, social media platforms, and physical mediums like posters and leaflets.

Our field team also distributed eye-catching print job ads to convenience stores and supermarkets near educational institutions to capture foot traffic and generate applications.

We crafted a series of engaging social media posts, both organic and paid, shared across Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram.

Camelot 1

Additionally, our team joined student groups on social media platforms and online hubs to promote these nationwide opportunities.

Our job listings were strategically positioned on our website and other relevant platforms, with targeted keywords and phrases to boost search engine optimisation.

To sweeten the deal, we introduced a £150 refer-a-friend program, which ultimately accounted for 30% of our total hires.

The Triumph

Our hard work paid off. Within three months, we successfully filled 155 job roles out of a pool of 1,705 applicants, each rigorously screened to meet Camelot's stringent criteria. Remarkably, we completed over 11,600 mystery shops a month ahead of schedule, boasting a higher pass rate compared to previous years.

As we transitioned into 2023, the National Lottery operator baton was passed to Allwyn, and thanks to our decade-long partnership with Camelot, we secured a new contract with Allwyn for 2023/2024.

By executing this campaign, we didn't just meet our client's needs; we exceeded their expectations by delivering exceptional candidates. Simultaneously, we played a vital role in educating stores and assisting them in safeguarding their lottery licenses. Given the substantial footfall generated by the National Lottery, losing this privilege could be detrimental to their business.

We also contributed to the protection of young people from the dangers of gambling, aligning with our commitment to social responsibility.

In conclusion, our recruitment journey with Camelot serves as a testament to our dedication, adaptability, and unwavering commitment to meeting and surpassing our client's objectives. It also underscores our pivotal role in safeguarding both businesses and individuals in a rapidly changing regulatory landscape.


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