How the Lionesses Success inspires us at Cosine

After an amazing run at the Women's World Cup, we saw the Lionesses take England to their first World Cup Final since Alf Ramsey's men's team beat West Germany in 1966. 


Whilst we didn't see the team lift the trophy on this occasion, there is a lot that we can learn from this historic achievement, which was watched by 13.3 million people from the UK alone.


Some of the noteworthy events from the match that we take inspiration from…


Before the World Cup, the Lionesses were only given a 16% chance of reaching the final, so they defied all odds and barriers against them to reach the Final of the competition.

They owned it and worked together, which resulted in them winning all their games leading up to the Final.

Despite working as a team, the players took accountability for their actions and were proactive in the challenges they faced. With a great mix of working together and owning their individual actions, they reached the last leg.

We embody this within our actions Cosine: We work together toward a shared goal, whilst also taking accountability for each team’s role in getting there.


Although we may have different teams and departments throughout the company, we all work together to get results that couldn't be achieved individually. 


The game was tipped to give the UK economy a boost of £185 million, as people gathered to watch the game together and celebrate the team's success. Women's football is on the rise and it's great to see this be recognised across the country with such a positive impact across different sectors.


England's Mary Earps won the Golden Glove, which was very well deserved- especially after the amazing penalty save in the final! It shows that even in defeat, you can reflect on the successes that got you to where you are. She also showed a great deal of passion throughout the tournament- especially in her celebrations after the save. For the most part, our celebrations and passion are slightly more muted, but we're genuinely passionate about our work. We aim to deliver outstanding results and to make a difference in the world around us. It's inspiring to see how much passion she puts into each game. 


Spain's Olga Carmona scored the winning goal in the 29th minute, and soon after the match found out that her Father had passed away on Friday ahead of the game. She has dedicated the win to her late Father and states that he gave her the strength to achieve something unique. 


Lucy Bronze and Ona Battle found themselves on opposing teams, different from when they both play for Barcelona during the season. It was touching to see Battle take the time out of her celebrations to console Bronze who was disappointed with the result. Despite playing against one another in this tournament, Battle recognised the magnitude of how much it meant to Bronze and took time to check on her Barcelona teammate. This gesture again links to the Cosine DNA and culture. We really care about our colleagues, our results and being true to who we are.


In their final match report the Lionesses' say they can look back with pride at everything they have achieved both on and off the pitch:

The journey they've taken, the togetherness they've built and the future they can look forward to. 


There’s so much that we can take away from the Lioness’s journey, they’ll keep on inspiring us to live and breathe our DNA and culture.

It’s fair to say that we’re proud of the team and are eager to see what they achieve next.

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Blog Author Charley Collingwood

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