The focus: advocacy & engagement


What we did

Cosine has managed the DPD network for several years. During this time, both their pick-up and drop-off locations have grown exponentially. Training and winning buy-in amongst shop staff and depots have been key to our success. Through this approach, we’ve ensured the parcel management is process compliant and that all parties are strong advocates of the service and the brand. The power of recommendation and advocacy has never been greater. What better way to build that than through first-hand engagement and experience?


What we achieved

With time-bound service level agreements, flexibility and agility are essential. Cosine’s Business Development Executives were on hand to solve issues and provide on-site support. And, crucially, we ensured this was made available within 24 hours.


We have worked with Cosine over 7 years, there has been lots of change, and Cosine has reacted extremely well. They are a partner we will be working with into the future.”

Tim Davies

DPD - Head of Pick Up


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